Music at The Mulberry Tree

Why Music

Music experiences in Early Childhood impact musicianship in all the years to come. We believe it is one of the most powerful and universal developmental opportunities for a child. Music cultivates joyful cooperative learning. The patterns and structures of music enhance a child’s mathematical understanding. Music learning improves learning outcomes in Physical, Social-Emotional, and Cognitive Domains.

“A child’s aptitude for music is the greatest on the day she is born, if not sooner.”

Dr. Edwin Gordon

Gordon Institute for Music Learning

Music Together

All children at The Mulberry Tree receive a full year of in-school Music Together, a research-based music curriculum. Families have access to Music Together’s award winning recordings of songs, chants, and tunes and the ‘Hello Everybody’ website with notation, learning activities, and strategies to engage in music as a family.

Music Learning Theory

In addition to the Music Together curriculum, children receive a Music Learning Theory aligned Music and Movement program. Based on the work of Dr. Edwin Gordon, this program mirrors the strategies of Maria Montessori by creating a learning sequence that capitalizes on our knowledge of brain development in the child.

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Depth and Complexity

A key difference between research-aligned music programs and other programs is variety in the presentation of pitch and rhythm. Most books of music for children and songs for children use Major tonality and duple meter almost exclusively. Many minimize the number of tones used (So-Mi songs). Research shows that this minimizing of musical complexity is the opposite of an effective strategy to cultivate musicianship. The more broad, dynamic, and nuanced the range of musical elements a child experiences, the more neural pathways a child will create to attend to the elements of music. This greater number of neural pathways affects not only the developing child, but the adult musician that child can eventually become. Music in Early Childhood lasts a lifetime.

Pitch-Accurate Instruments






Our program includes a wealth of high-quality, German-made musical instruments. We believe that music exploration and music creation in Early childhood should refine and delight the listener.

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